TiN Coating

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    Approved to ISO 9001 standards, M.R. Machine Knives’ TiN Coating (Titanium Nitride) is a cost-effective way of increasing the life of the tool that is coated. TiN coating adds a thin film of approximately 2-4 micrometers to the surface of the blade, with a hardness of above 70Hrc, leaving the coating effective to most materials, including:

    • Stainless Steel
    • Tool Steel
    • Carbon Steel
    • High Speed Steel
    • Chrome/Nickel Plated Steels

    Serviced at around 500ºc, the coating adds an aesthetically pleasing gold colour to the surface of the steel.

    Benefits of TiN coating include:

    • Increased life of cutting tool
    • Decreased downtime on cutting lines
    • Can be re-coated after regrinding or repolishing.
    Material TiN
    Coating thickness 2 – 4 μm
    Service Temp. 500 °C
    Deposition Temp. 450 – 550 °C
    Hardness HV 0.05 2800
    Deposition method PVD Arc
    Friction vs. steel, dry < 0.5
    Color Gold

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