Jarvis Compatible

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    We offer a full range of Jarvis compatible products, including products used in the beef, pork, sheep and poultry slaughtering and processing industries. Compatible with machines like the MCS180, MCS280, MCS300, 1000F, SEC280, SHC 140, 700-GJ Circular Saws and the SER reciprocating saws, M.R. Machine Knives’ blades are sure to match the quality of the OEM blades.

    Made from high-grade stainless steel, M.R. Machines can offer a range of saw tooth designs, including but not restricted to:

    • Fine Tooth
    • Bent Tooth
    • Alternate Toothing
    • V-Tooth
    • U-Tooth
    • Hard Metal Inserts
    • Low-Noise/Vibration Slots

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