Through the many years of operation, M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. has perfected the process of manufacturing blades in order to provide our customers with the best possible service and prices available on the market.

Find out more about our process below.


Firstly, our customers enquire with us for the product they want, either using a drawing, a sample, or even simple photos.

Step 1


Once we receive the enquiry, we submit all the relevant information to our highly-skilled production team, they provide accurate production time estimates to allow the quotation to be prepared, an official quotation is then emailed to the customer.

Step 2


Once the customer has reviewed our prices, they will find our prices beat any of our competitors, they will then typically send an order via email. The order would be sent with a drawing or sample of the knife, and our well trained draftsmen will prepare a production drawing for the blades. The order will then be acknowledged with the customer and any drawings will be sent for approval if needed.


Step 3


Once the drawing is approved, our production team will begin the manufacturing process. High-quality steel is acquired and cut to size, any cutting edge is added to the blade as per our drawings.

Step 4


Due to the demand of our products, in 2016, we had to employ a full time inspection and quality control team. Each order is checked to make sure the product is manufactured as per our customers’ needs, the items are then approved and moved on to the next step.

Step 5

Packaging and Despatch

Once the goods have been approved, they are passed onto our packing team. The goods are securely packaged and protected in high quality packaging materials. If the blades require any markings to be etched, then this is also done at this stage using our state-of-the-art laser etcher. Once packed, the goods are despatched using our chosen courier, or using a particular method as per request of our customer.

Step 6

Receiving the Goods

Once despatched, the courier will deliver the goods to the door of our customer. The customer would then check our delivery note and make sure that all items have been received correctly. They will then either install our high quality blades into their machine, or put them on their shelf for the future, made from food-grade stainless steel, our blades will remain rust-free for months if stored correctly.


Step 7

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