Michael set up our company in 2008, after working at a similar company for the previous 10 years, a vision was created to fill the gap that the other companies left in the market. This vision included creating an honest, reliable and responsive company that could offer both a balance of great quality and even better pricing.

For the first year, Michael worked alone in the factory, processing orders, bending, welding, polishing, inspecting and packing each job by hand. With sales from the European market pouring in thanks to Michael’s business partner in the Netherlands, Ricco, he knew it was time to expand. Employing one extra person to bend the blades to increase capacity, sales skyrocketed.


Working from a small 1,450 sq. ft. unit, within a few years, it was full, and close to bursting! We had to expand. We purchased the unit next door and knocked the wall down, giving us more room for extra production operatives and stock.


With the purchase of automated machinery for both bending and welding – the need for more production staff decreased, whilst productivity increased tenfold. Sales and production were steady for a few years, with very little change happening internally.


In 2015, once again, we were struggling with capacity, and needed more room. Months were spent trying to find a unit that would suit our needs, but the search was largely unsuccessful, so we expanded the same site and knocked through the wall again!


By the end of 2015, the extra space had filled, and we couldn’t expand anymore, we needed to move! A large, modern industrial unit was up for sale across the road, and we snapped it up immediately. With months of paperwork and legal jargon, in 2017, we moved into the new, modern production facility.

Once moved in, we invested huge amounts of money into our production line, streamlining it in order to provide the best possible service to our customers, including laser welding, laser etching, automatic bending machines, labeling machinery and much more. It was around this time that we also started doing local charity work, helping local charities by hosting coffee mornings, bake days and also doing fundraising for the local hospice.


2018 signified our tenth anniversary, the year brought great growth and more investment in staff, increasing the staff level to the largest it had ever had been. With new sales staff employed, our capacity for sales was increased and our markets grew massively. Whilst visiting the Anuga Foodtec in March, we promoted new products and met new customers, further increasing our sales inside and outside of Europe.


2019 signified a new year, a new website and a new brand. New brochures were released and distributors were equipped with new promotional material to support growth. Our markets in Europe, USA, UK and overseas continued to grow, with our turnover growing once again.


We will have much more to come in the future, so watch this space!

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