The Challenge

A slaughterhouse who had been purchasing some packaging blades from M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. but their processing blades from a separate manufacturer, approached M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. with a problem. The replacement saw they had bought for their EFA breaking saw wasn’t working properly – the teeth looked different to the one offered by the OEM, and the manufacturer who they were using could not achieve the toothing required. M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. were given the task to design a blade with rougher, harsher teething that would provide a much stronger cut through the animal, but whilst retaining its cutting edge for longer than the blade they were currently buying.


The Objectives

  • Design a blade with stronger, rougher teeth in order to provide a harsher cut against the meat.
  • Ensure the new blade has a longer lifetime in order to reduce costs.
  • Design, produce and deliver the blade in the 3 week delivery period allocated.


The Solution

M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. checked the samples when they were received, and determined the customer had been using a fine-tooth variant of a saw blade – which would cut through softer meat nicely, but for tough applications, a stronger, larger and harsher tooth was needed. Luckily, as a trusted supplier of breaking saws all around the world, M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. had an alternative in stock for the customer to trial. A trial sample was sent, and the customer found that the trial worked exactly as intended and matched the OEM sample perfectly. Once the trial was completed, M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. sent the full order to the customer within the 3 week delivery period and the blades were fitted in their relevant machines immediately.



The Benefits

  • The client saw a better, harsher cut against the meat, meaning the blade served its purpose in this respect.
  • The blade lasted longer, as the teeth were much larger they could be reground easier too, decreasing the customer’s spending.
  • The overall delivery time was reduced, meaning the customer did not need to commit to keeping too many blades on their site, further reducing spending.


The Conclusion

A blade was being used that didn’t serve the intended purpose, providing a low quality cut and offering a short longevity of use. M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. was able to offer the client a solution from stock, meaning the problem was solved almost instantly. Moving designs of blade meant the customer was using less than 50% of their original usage, reducing costs by over £2,600 per year. As M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. held stock of the item – the client had to commit to less stock too, providing key safety to their cash flow.

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