The Challenge

A client which we had not worked with before approached us with an issue they were having with their salmon slicing blades. Working as a pair, each salmon slicer set is a very high cost product, with a very specialised design. The customer informed us that their current blades weren’t sitting flat, meaning there was a small gap between each blade – allowing the product to move through without cutting – and also creating a lot of friction and heat between the blades, which was damaging the teeth. The client gave M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. the challenge of redesigning the blades to ensure the flatness was consistent throughout the blades, reworking each of their current blades, regrinding the current blades, and producing 5 new sets – all within 4 weeks.



The Objectives

  • Identify the current issue with the knives once the samples were returned.
  • Design and develop a product which solves the issues mentioned above.
  • Ensure the blades returned to us were made usable, to lower the clients costs.
  • Deliver the resharpened and reworked sets, along with 5 new sets of redesigned blades urgently, to ensure the customer’s production line didn’t stop.


The Solution

The samples returned by the client were checked by our dedicated QC team, and the issue was noticed imminently – the blades were not flat and were causing damage to both the product and the blades themselves whilst cutting. It was a simple solution for redesigning the blades – a tight flatness tolerance was added. The old blades were flattened against an anvil, and then reground by hand at our facility. Once the old blades were reworked, we started work on the new blades. After speaking with a local engineering company, the fittings that needed welding to the blades were rushed through, and within 3 weeks, the full product was finished after being manufactured, assembled, and welded together by our production staff. Shipped on an express service, the blades were received by the customer within the 1 month turnaround time requested.


The Benefits

  • The customer’s old blades were able to be salvaged, reworked and resharpened, saving them money on purchasing new sets due to a competitor’s error.
  • The blade was redesigned and the quality was guaranteed for the future, meaning the customer wouldn’t face any cutting problems in the future.
  • The new blade offered by M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. was not only cheaper than the client was paying before, but also lasted longer, reducing both purchasing costs, and downtime for blade maintenance.


The Conclusion

A non-suitable, yet expensive part was being offered, providing a bad cut and damaging the product. M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. redesigned, reworked and resharpened the low quality blades offered by a competitor, and using our extensive knowledge of these blades, we were able to urgently produce new blades for the customer, stopping their plant from shutting down the production line. With an estimated saving of €3,750 per year on the 5 production lines used, M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. were able to offer a cost-effective solution to a huge problem for the client.

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