Preparing for Brexit

With the uncertainty of Brexit looming, M.R. Machine Knives Ltd. have been actively working to help cushion the effects of the UK’s exit from Europe, in order to protect our customers. This post will highlight the action taken by us, and will also detail things our customer’s can do to help during this period.


  • Delivery

With long and trusted relationships with a variety of couriers, we have received advice that any express shipments will not be slowed down leaving the UK by plane, where-as standard deliveries may be delayed at the border. We recommend that our customers arrange all shipments via express until the period of uncertainty concludes.

  • Stock

As Brexit becomes closer, we have increased our stock of materials. We’ve worked hard to make sure that we have adequate amounts of steel and other products on stock to ensure that any demands from our customers are fulfilled regardless of the uncertainty around Brexit. We recommend our customers prepare their stock in a similar way.

  • Training

Our staff have received training within the build-up towards Brexit. Focused on the preparation of documentation required for customs, we have made sure that no matter what, the goods sent from us will adhere to the customs rules applied during the transition period. We are determined to ensure that all deliveries are successful.

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